Surface Engineering


External Cylindrical Grinding Process

External Cylindrical Grinding

We have eight grinders capable of grinding ODs (outside diameters), two with the ability to grind ODs and IDs (internal diameters) concurrently. All machines have in-process gauging. This includes CNC-controlled Studer machines with the capability of grinding multiple diameters in one chucking, non-round and thread-grinding capabilities, as well as IDs. Capacities of 13.75-inch OD by 39.00 inches are possible, and all CNC machines have coolant temperature-controlled to 20.0°C ± 0.5°C.

CNC Hard Turning and Diamond Turning

Two CNC Hembrug lathes have recently been retrofitted with the latest Siemens controls. Coolant is temperature-controlled within ± 0.2°C of 20.0°C. The machines have programmable moves of either 1 microinch or 1 nanometer. One machine has live tooling and a tailstock. Both have liquid hydrostatic headstocks and slides for maximum rigidity and accuracy. Headstocks are round within 4 microinches (0.1 micron). Machines are capable of turning RC-62 hardened steel, non-ferrous metals, or plastics.
CNC Hard Turning Process

Surface Grinding

A custom-made Blohm Planomat 412 is newly available to grind a field of 1,200.000mm by 350.000mm to a flatness of 1.0 micron. A resolution of 0.1 micron is possible.
Technician Operating Measuring Machine


The Zeiss Contura 700/1000/600 CNC Select with Calypso software is certified to 0.001mm (40 microinches) in its envelope. The Taylor Hobson Talyrond 585 is capable of measuring true cylindricity and roundness down to 4 microinches (100 nanometers). For length measurements, the Pratt and Whitney Labmaster 175 measuring machine is capable of measuring lengths, bores, and cylinders to 50.0 microns. Laser micrometers for measuring up to 2.00 inches and multiple electronic amplifiers and gauge heads for other measurements are also available. The inspection room is aggressively held to 20.0°C.

Internal Cylindrical Grinding

In addition to the OD machines capable of grinding internal diameters, we also have three Voumard internal grinders. The CNC machines have 4-turret attachments that allow the use of four different spindles on one part and programmable 10-degree angle movement for tapered bores. Grinding wheel speeds can range from 5,000 to 90,000 RPM. Shaft lengths can extend up to 50.00 inches, and all machines have steady rests so ID to OD concentricity can be maintained.
Internal Cylindrical Grinding Process

Laser Marking

With our General Scanning 100-Watt Q-switched YAG laser controlled by ProLase software, we can engrave and mark many materials. Circumferential marking is possible, and the use of vector images allows us to produce consistently crisp and uniform marks faster than many other lasers. We can do logos, serialization, and barcoding if required on either manufactured parts or as a separate service.
Assembly Technician

Precision Mechanical Assembly

Our assembly technicians are experienced in all areas of mechanical assembly and repair. Class-10 clean assembly areas are available if required. Two ultrasonic cleaners are available as well as a variety of presses, torque control tools, and a multitude of fixtures. Many drive amplifiers and run-in stations have been made to test or cycle the assemblies we produce.